What is Therapy Pets?

More than 40 million people in the United States have a mental health condition. People with these conditions face stigma, even today. However, our pets are here to help!

The Therapy Pets campaign spreads simple messages of encouragement, support, and facts about mental health, with the help of our pets. These messages are for everyone, not just people who live with mental health conditions. We believe that the more you know about mental health—especially the more you know how to be supportive—the less our society will allow mental health conditions to be stigmatized.


Step 1

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People submit images or videos of their pets.

Step 2

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Our team adds a simple message and Ta-da! Your pet is now a Therapy Pet.

Step 3

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Our team then shares your pet on our social channels and notifies you of the good news.

Submit Your Pet

Check out Therapy Pet’s own cartoon series and see how celebrities have added their voices to the cause.

Ep 4. Chicken Dinner

Feat. Dave 1 of Chromeo

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Whether you’re a dog person, cat person or a reptile person - all animal lovers are welcome here! Join our cuddly community of pets that are here to help. Follow the fun and get involved @TherapyPetsLove on Instagram and Facebook.